Three-Day Diet

The Basic Diet
      1.  The first day of this diet you fast. During the fast, drink plenty of water.

      2.  The second day you consume only fruit and fruit juices.

      3.  The third day you consume only vegetables and vegetable juices.

      4.  The rest of the week you eat normally.  Just don't overdo it.

You can use this diet for as many weeks as you want.

You may want to do it once a month.

Everytime you complete the three-day diet you will lose weight.

It is impossible not to do so.

For those who cannot make it through the first day because you get a headache, try mixing the water with an equal amount of pure fruit juice (no extra ingredients such as "corn syrup" or some chemical).


Fasting does many things for the body. It enables the body to heal naturally. Digestion uses up strength. Fasting also appears to release a hormone that stimulates the immune system. It also gives your intestinal system a chance to clean itself and the body time to flush out the waste products of metabolism.  A regular practice of fasting will help prevent a buildup or backlog of metabolic debris in the body, diminishing the possibility of serious illness.

Adapting to Your Personal Needs

You can adapt this diet to fit your own preferences. You can drink herbal teas during your fast day if you find it difficult to drink only water. Pick one that will benefit your personal health needs such as bilberrry tea for vision, peppermint for digestion, regular tea (green, black, or oolong) for the phytochemical disease-fighting benefits, etc.

Another way to adapt the three-day diet is to combine the second and third day for both of those days. This means consume fruits, vegetables, and their juices for both days. You could also do only fruits for those two days or only vegetables for those two days.

There are two special fasts in the Bible which you may want to try also. Each one is done once a year.

In the spring at Passover the feast (fast) of unleavened bread is observed for a week. This is merely doing without leavening for a week. No yeast products, nothing with baking powder or baking soda for a week. This gives your body the necessary rest from yeast consumption once a year.

In the fall at the Feast of Atonement from sunset to sunset (24 hours) you refrain from consuming anything whatsoever. This means no water either. This is another once a year rest the body needs.

You can experiment and find out what is best for you. You may also come up with something we've missed since everyone has different needs.

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This page was updated on 2 April 2007