How to Build a Remote/Off-Grid Power Generating System
Many of our customers have been frustrated by the lack of information concerning how to construct a system to convert the energy from one of our steam engines into electric power for home use, a cabin, standby power, and the like. If you are one of those, your frustration is over.

Ed Boyle teaches college and industrial classes in plant maintenance. His is so good at what he does that, in a class he teaches in Chicago, he turns housewives who can barely hold a screwdriver into plant maintenance technicians in nine weeks.

If you have enough intelligence to buy an emergency fan belt from an auto parts store and slip it over the flywheel one of our 3-horsepower two cylinder steam engines and follow Ed's directions and drawings, you can install a power system. Ed's directions and drawings are so simple a 10-year-old can follow them.

Once you see how easy such an installation really is, you may want to consider becoming a dealer for us and install systems for other people.

How to set up the furnace, boiler, and accessory system to heat and re-circulate the water is explained in our book, Basics of Steam Engineering, and the videos, Home Scale Steam and Building a Prototype Boiler.

You may choose to weld and assemble your own boiler. Our video, Building a Prototype Boiler, with the parts list will enable you to weld and assemble your own boiler for approximately $400.

It took Ed Boyle a considerable amount of time to "idiot proof" his instructions and drawings, for which we paid him a considerable amount of money (many people who already know how to install such systems consider what they know to be "trade secrets").

These prints are not cheap. On the other hand, if you use the knowledge you gain from them to do installations for other people, these prints may help you make a lot of money.  There are 12 pages and 1 schematic included.


Please do not order these prints if you are a "literature collector" or an "armchair engineer." You will not be happy with them unless you actually use them to install a power system.


These prints do NOT show you how to install a steam system. These prints only concern what is downstream of the flywheel. That is, these prints contain explicit instructions for running an emergency fan belt (available from Aubuchon) to a truck alternator, how to wire the truck alternator to a bank of 12-volt batteries, how to wire in an inverter to pull DC power out of the batteries (you can't store AC), and how to wire this system into your home.

Please do not make assumptions. Please read and understand what you are buying BEFORE you order.

How to Build a Remote/Off-Grid Power Generating System $45.00

(by Ed Boyle) (includes shipping and handling)


Ed Boyle is available for seminars, consulting, or complete installation if you don't have time to do your own installation. For example, Ed can do a seminar on all the other items you can attach to a buss bar. What a buss bar is and how it works is explained in the prints.

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