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"Brown, you donít look like you can do the things that you can do."--seminar attendee

Forty years ago men lifted weights to increase their ability in competitive athletics, to develop their bodies, and to improve their health.

Today the attitude appears to be that of an "improvement in cosmetic appearance at any cost" and, in order to gain muscular size and strength, people are told that they must "train to failure."

The "cosmetic appearance at any cost" attitude has resulted in the liberal use of anabolic steroids, with the eventual horrendous side effects such substances produce. "Train to failure" puts, on the average, one million people a year into hospitals with injuries from weight training.

If your desire is to become a monster with 22" arms and, at the same time, become extremely unhealthy and comparatively weak for your size, you may (or may not, itís an iffy business) want to try steroids. On the other hand, if you want to become bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic and healthier, this video is for you.

Sigmund Klein, who owned a barbell gym in New York, once remarked when a bodybuilder informed him that he had an 18-inch arm, "Thatís nice, what can you do with it?"

If you have hit a "sticking point" in your training, if you keep injuring yourself, if nothing seems to work for you, this video is for you. This video is a sample of what you will learn in a day-long seminar conducted by Mike Brown. This video is premised on two very simple concepts:

If you are not making progress lifting weights:

1. You are doing something wrong.

2. There is something wrong with you.

It is that simple. This video will enable you to recognize what you are doing wrong, what is wrong with you, and how to correct the problem with your training, your diet, and your body in order for you to gain size, strength, and endurance.

Running time approximately 90 minutes.

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