Pawnee Steam School Textbook

The The Pawnee Steam School Textbook is the textbook that you would get if you attend the Pawnee Steam School.
If you can’t make it to the School, you can get the information from the textbook although you won’t get the “hands-on experience.”

Introduction to Steam Engines
Skill of Belting-Up Takes Experience and Practice – Whistle Code – Engine Cylinder
Engine Proper – Traction Drive – Care of Engines – Front or Guide Wheels
Safety Devices – Operating Engine – Engine Quarters – Hauling Engines
Steam Cylinder Oil
Safety Rules and Recommendations
Riveting/Tube Rolling
Boiler Water Chemistry
Fusible Plugs
The Use of Modern Safety Valves on Historical Boilers
Boiler Piping
Steam Governors
Steam Gauge Repair
Valve Gears and Reversing Mechanism (from Clarke School of Traction Engineering)


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