Steam Engineering Seminar Manual (Boiler Basics)

The Steam Engineering Seminar Manual is the manual used for the steam engineering seminar held every year in Iowa for two days. We are offering this manual as it begins where Skip Gobel’s Basics of Steam Engineering leaves off on firetube boilers.

The seminar manual, very heavily illustrated, is the most thorough and easy-to-understand manual on steam boilers we have ever seen. Every single piece and part of a direct flue boiler, return flue boiler, and upright boiler is illustrated and explained, including boiler construction.

The second half of the manual contains illustrations and explanations of the workings of D-valve steam engines, governors, greasers (for lubrication), the clutch, and both used-to-new farm equipment.

Mike Brown spent two days at this seminar this year, learning how to operate a 1923 Illinois steam tractor. As he put it, “I’ve never operated anything so powerful.”

The steam engine in the Illinois is rated at 35 steam horsepower.


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