Samson Cable Set     $115.00 per set

The Samson Cable Set will work muscles from angles that weights can't. The same muscles will be called into play, but different fibers will be used.

Using the Samson Cable Set helps to shape the muscles to improve your appearance while increasing your strength. Almost any one-arm dumbbell movement will have a cable substitute.

Taking the Samson Cable Set with you as you travel is an excellent way to keep in shape on the road.

The Samson Cable Set (also known as chest expanders) is made with stainless steel, quick change handles, and rubber strands. A human muscle has more potential power the further it contracts. Rubber cables provide more resistance the further they are extended. If you want more natural-looking muscular shape, a different type of strength from that developed with weights (we trained a world arm-wrestling champion in the 200-lb. class with one of these sets), and the ability to "pump" your arm over an inch in less than 20 minutes, try the Samson Cable Set.

The Samson Cable Set loads by unscrewing the handles at the top. Changing cables is instantaneous. Other sets take way too long to change. Our set will hold over two dozen cables.

We now have an intermediate strength cable strand. This strand is amber and has approximately 60% of the resistance of the black strands. If adding a black strand is too hard for you to do, you can add the intermediate cable strand and work up to adding the black strand in place of the intermediate strand. See the Cable Resistance Chart to see how the combinations can be used.

The Samson Cable Set comes with 5 cables (either black or amber).

Extra black cables are $10.00 each.

Extra intermediate amber cables are $10.00 each.

Mike Brown holding a Samson Cable Set

Mike Brown holding up a Samson Cable Set

A close up of cable handle

A close-up of the cable handle

Mike Brown using the Samson Cable Set

Mike Brown using the Samson Cable Set


When using a cable set, maintain a neutral spine at all times. To find your neutral spine lie on the floor facing the ceiling. Neutral is right in the middle of an arched position (spine off the floor with chest and hips remaining on the floor) and a flattened position (spine touching the floor at all points from chest to hips.)

Warm up before doing cable exercises. The easiest way to warm up is to do some walking.

Stretch after your cable workout while your muscles are still warmed up.

Do 8-15 reps of each exercise for 1-3 sets. The last set should feel "somewhat hard" to "very hard."

Maintain a regular breathing pattern with each rep. Exhale during exertion, inhale on the release.

Do your cable exercises a minimum of twice a week, maximum three times a week. Don't do two days in a row.

Use common sense. If you are in pain when doing a certain movement, don't do that movement. Learn to tell the difference between pain, muscle exhaustion, and muscle soreness. If you are on any type of medication, consult your physician before attempting any exercise regimen.

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