7 July 2001

Dear Mike,

Since I have written the last e-mail to you I have finished "The Strength of Samson" book and I am currently reading "Sex, Money and Power." However I couldn't wait any longer to contact you again. I just had to tell you how impressed I was from these books. You are offering such a wealth of information to the reader, sharing so many little known secrets, it's just unbelievable.

I originally ordered your books as I thought they could help me reach my bodybuilding goals. But what I got was much more than just bodybuilding information! Your books showed me how to improve my whole life and my health.

For example I have always had a problem with mucus in my respiratory tract that I could never get rid of. I tried avoiding dairy products and wheat products and the condition improved but did not go away completely. After reading "The Strength of Samson" I am convinced that my problem has to do with incorrect breathing. Since I was a kid I have always been breathing more through my mouth than through my nose. I would also like to try the sauna bath workout that you describe. Unfortunately I don't have a sauna but I think that would help me a lot. Probably I am highly acidic due to eating large amounts of proteins for years.

What I would like to thank you for even more is evoking my interest in the Bible. When I was a kid I had to read in the Bible in school and church but like all the other kids I hated it (I have to admit that). The Bible was treated like something sacred and very abstract and as kids absolutely couldn't relate to it. Reading your books taught me, for the first time in my life, that in fact the Bible is totally different! This is not just an old, boring book but more of a practical adviser that still can be used today. Guess what? I have just started reading the Bible and I enjoy it - for the first time in my life! Buying your books was one of the best investments in my whole life!

I am so glad I stumbled across your website recently just by chance after having read your article in Hardgainer magazine about two years ago.

Thank you so much, Mike for sharing all this information and your knowledge in your books and may God bless you!


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