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September 7, 2003

Hello Mike,

Like so many other fellows, I see in my mirror no visible results produced by the "so-called" personal trainers and strength coaches. The only thing that is apparent is that my wallet is being milked by these expert dairymen. I'm talking about regular workouts at gyms and fitness clubs over the past few years yielding no noticeable difference in my appearance, attitude, or energy levels. I am tired of visiting the latest trendy workout palace only to be prejudged, ignored, or poorly coached.

Are you able to recommend a training or coaching resource in the San Diego/La Jolla area? I listened to you once on the old Art Bell program. I liked what I heard back then. I just rediscovered your Website and like what I am reading.

I have only the modest goal of reshaping my body so that the gravity-aided slide of my chest to the waist area is reversed as a result of my training efforts. I am not looking for any competitive effort or the physique of someone half my age. It seems so simple, yet the past coaches have only reshaped my wallet! I am 54 years old, 5'9" tall, and weigh 164 pounds. Too few of those pounds are muscle. I have no coronary artery disease or any cancers. I have (by comparing to your web pages) a fairly healthy diet. I would be happy to purchase and use your products in conjunction with proper coaching in my area. I would be happy to pay your for consultation, as well, if the desired results would ultimately appear in proportion to my well-directed efforts. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Tom

Have I got a deal for you. Order my books and especially, the Bodybuilding the Right Way video. Study them. Then we will discuss you being the "point man" for me for a seminar of mine in San Diego. My video will give you a 90 minute intro to the way I do things.

You will then need some dessicated liver and Mits protein, but that can wait. Right now you need to learn what you have been told that is just plain WRONG.


There is a lot to what you say about dance. My wife is a professional ballet dancer/instructor. She has more strength, flexibility and definition in her legs than any professional female bodybuilder. And that was the observation of a female bodybuilder.

June 30, 2003

Hello Mike,

...was in the session that you did at 2:30 at the Holiday Inn Select by the Dallas Airport yesterday. You mentioned no soda pop because in part of the carbon dioxide. I drink very little soda pop but have more often an O'Douls or Sharps etc. I did not hear that mentioned specifically. Do and you make the same recommendation against the NA beer or are you neutral?

Thanks, Brent

Even water that has CO2 in it is going to cause a problem.

June 20, 2003


Is Chicken a "clean" animal? And, you say to take one teaspoon per week of the beef adrenal gland. Do you do this every week yourself, or just once in a while when you feel the need. And, do you spread the teaspoon out over the week or all in one shot? If I can get free range, hormone/chemical free beef liver, is that the same as eating your Argentine beef powder?

I heard you on the lou gentile show and am intrigued. I'd never gone a whole day without eating so I decided to give your fast then fruit then vegatables thing a try, I'm on the vegatable day today. I do feel strangely different in a good way.

You came out against eating raw food on the show. Have you ever tried eating raw meat? You're saying that there is no reason to eat meat raw?

I'm no bodybuilder but I do want to just feel as good as I can. I'm kind of a scrawny white guy with disproportionally long legs and a small upper body, it really sucks. At times it feels as if my heart can't pump enough blood to my legs. I tried to eat healthy when I was growing up, but I had the wrong information of how to eat healthy. I did the whole fat free thing and diet pop, and I think it messed my body up royally. In particular I think it messed my adrenals up and my heart and lungs. I get tired really easily and don't seem to have the lung/aerobic capacity to exert myself for long periods and with great intensity like I remember doing as a kid.

Is there anything I can do to maybe get a little physical ability/stamina back?

Sorry for the long email, and thanks for your time. Daniel

Yes, chicken is a "clean" animal. When I am going to do a seminar, the Thursday before I take 2 tsp. all in one shot. It helps keep my energy up. The free range, hormone/chemical free beef liver is good for you, but the powder is concentrated. In regards to raw meat, the Bible says roast meat (Exodus, Passover).

To get your physical ability and stamina back, take the liver, along with plenty of carbs. For recovery and weight gain, Mits' Protein works well. For recovery mix the protein without coconut milk. For weight gain mix the protein with coconut milk. Try young coconuts for energy also.

February 2, 2003

Hi, Mike

I have been having stomach trouble with the coconut milk, I have only started just a couple of days ago, but I wanted to know how I can overcome this problem, is it just a matter of getting used to it, would it help to drink a little each day to build up a tolerance or what can you recommend to help digest the high fat content, has this been a problem with others in the past. Please reply.

Thank You


Dear John,

Coconut milk is used by hospitals in newborn baby formula and is one of the most easily digested foods available. I would guess that the pineapple juice is causing your problem. It is too strong for some people because of the digestive enzymes in it. Also, are you using only 1/2 of the can at one time? Some people use the whole can in one drink and when they do, they have problems.

Another solution could be to use a young coconut in place of the coconut milk. You can buy them at Asian markets. How to open them is shown at:


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