Mechanical Feed Pump

There are four ways to get water back into a boiler: electric pump, steam injector, and two types of mechanical pumps--hand operated (manual) and engine-driven (which is what we have).

The mechanical pump is normally the most reliable if you know what you're doing. I.e., the hot tank you are pulling the water from needs to be above the pump, the pump needs to be primed, and you have to clear the air bubbles out of the line from the hot tank to the pump.

Our mechanical water pump is mounted on the steam engine base. It is driven off the cap that is attached to one of the connecting rods. It can pump water in either direction. However, you will need to install one-way valves at each side of the cylinder block containing the piston. Both valves should point in the same direction on each side of the cylinder block, one for inlet, the other (on the other side) for outlet.

See video below:



The Mechanical Water Feed Pump for our 1 and 3 horsepower steam engines $475.00, postpaid.  If you allow us to install it when you order your 3 horsepower steam engine, your cost (including installation) is $300 added to the price of your engine.

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This page was updated on 20 March 2009