Argentine Beef Liver Powder

A natural dietary supplement for increased strength and endurance. Beef liver is full of vitamin B-12, iron, and a host of other beneficial nutrients. This supplement often assists in repairing damaged nerve tissue. The Argentine government will not allow their beef herds to be contaminated with growth hormone and other chemicals.

In the June 1999 volume  number 1 edition of Milo magazine, p. 20, powerlifting champion and world record holder David Shaw wrote an excellent article concerning products that promise more than they can deliver.  Shaw points out that the older, cheaper supplements, such as milk and egg protein powder, desiccated liver, and cold-pressed wheat germ oil are still “the best.”

Notice that none of these “new” wonder supplements are ever tested on laboratory animals.

The Office of Naval Research did in fact test liver powder on lab rats in 1951. Cortisone acetate (a toxic chemical) was also used as part of the laboratory experiment conducted by the Navy in 1951. Notice the difference in the size and health of the rats in the experiment.
Our modern diet is full of toxic substances.

Naval rat experiment

Litter mate male rats after 40 days of cortisone acetate administration. The rat in the foreground was fed a purified ration containing 400 mg cortisone acetate per kg of diet. The rat in the background was fed a similar diet supplemented with 10% whole liver powder.

Argentine Beef Liver Powder is available in 3 quantities:

1 lb. $24.00

2.5 lb. $48.00

5 lb. $80.00