Mits Protein

Mits Protein has no artificial ingredients, salt, fillers, or sugar.  The ingredients are sodium caseinate, powdered whole egg, pure vanilla powder, bromelain, and papain 

Mits Protein could help you gain 40 lbs. in 6-12 months. Many commercial proteins contain sugar or aspartame (e.g., Nutrasweet), fillers, and salt. Salt causes water retention, which may make you think you have gained body weight.

Protein burns up one and one-third of its own weight in fat. If you do not provide a source for fat (lipids) the fat will burn from your body and you will gain NO body weight. To gain weight Mits Protein must be taken in conjunction with coconut milk. Formulated by Mits Kawashima.

Mits Protein can also be used after a workout or strenuous athletic event for faster recovery.

If you think you can bulk up by using commercial protein powders and look like the men in the magazines, consider the following comments by an anonymous professional body-builder in “The State of Competitive Bodybuilding, Stop the Insanity!” by Steve Holman in the February 1997 issue of Ironman Magazine which starts on page 156.

  • [Y]our magazine for the natural athletes is what I recommend. Professional bodybuilding [is about] drugs. (Page 160, column 1)
  • I don’t use supplements at all! No vitamins, nothing. (Page 160, column 3)
  • Competitive bodybuilding, for the most part] is all chemistry. It’s chemical warfare. (Page 161, Column 2)
  • They don’t print nothing about the drug regimen. They’re selling fake dreams to kids: Take this protein powder, and you’re going to look like that. And it ain’t true. Drugs play a predominant role, and most of the [champions’] training articles lead to overtraining. You know that. And unless you’re on steroids, you’re going to end up unhappy and lose your dream. (Page 162, column 1)


Mits Protein is available in 3 quantities:

1 lb. $26.00

2 lb. $42.00

4 lb. $76.00

8 lb. $140.00