The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It

The Strength of Samson: How to Attain It shows how to increase your strength and energy by following the dietary laws in the Bible.

In this day and age when so much that’s pleasureful is either illegal, immoral or fattening, it’s refreshing to have an upbeat book written by an upbeat author through whose own experience and advice we can all start enjoying something that is also good for us.

Yes, it’s nice to read a how-to book that both tastes good and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, chemical flavor enhancers, saturated fats or FD&C coloring dyes.

Here, in Mike Brown’s The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It, you will learn about diet, exercise, proper living, attitudes, and the development of sheer physical strength in a way that is not only radical, but heretical. You will laugh, have your doubts, and maybe even get a little angry–but you will turn the pages, one after another.

Mike Brown’s approach is an unusual one. He himself is a long-time bodybuilder and practical nutritionist who has taken and interpreted a number of key health-related Biblical passages to develop an overall regimen that is sure to do the conscientious reader some powerful good.

Maybe you’re not into slaying a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass, but Samson didn’t accomplish that or the single-handed destruction of one of their palaces by chomping on white bread, slurping homogenized milk or jogging through the streets of ancient Gaza in $60 sneakers. He had a diet, a regimen, which had scientific reasons behind them–a method which, when viewed in the light of what we know today, will enable the average man to accomplish levels of strength that may even surpass those of the Biblical strongman.

The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It comes with a cautionary note that may sound a little fantastic:

Warning: Some of the methods described in this book may enable you to lift weights in excess of 500 pounds within a few weeks.  A normal barbell-Olympic bar-is NOT designed to handle such weights and may snap apart at the inside collars.  It has happened before.

In 1974 Mike Brown was featured in Ironman Magazine, lying flat on his back, lifting 840 pounds straight up with his hands and arms (a “partial” bench press). One of his trainees did the same movement with 1,000 pounds.

Table of Contents:

Foreword: 17 Basic Principles
Chapter 1 What were Samson’s Actual Strength Levels?
Chapter 2 “Eat Not Any Unclean Thing” Judges 13:4
Chapter 3 The Nazarite Diet
Chapter 4 Overdosing
Chapter 5 Losing Weight
Chapter 6 Fasting
Chapter 7 Water
Chapter 8 Herbs
Chapter 9 Samson’s Dianabol
Chapter 10 The Routes to Muscular Growth
Chapter 11 Alcohol
Chapter 12 Giving Your Strength to Women
Chapter 13 An Easy Way to Bulk Up
Chapter 14 The Sauna Bath
Chapter 15 Zone Therapy I
Chapter 16 Zone Therapy II
Chapter 17 The Breathing Squat (For Beginners)
Chapter 18 Training for Incredible Health
Chapter 19 Cables (Chest Expanders)
Chapter 20 More on Cables
Chapter 21 The Feet and the Muscles
Chapter 22 Forced Reps
Chapter 23 Gaining Weight
Chapter 24 Partial Movements and Power Rack Training
Chapter 25 Grip, Wrist, and Forearm Development
Chapter 26 The Two Primary Causes of Failure
Chapter 27 Things Your Trainers Never Told You
Chapter 28 Bust Development for Women
Chapter 29 Proper Bench Press Technique
Chapter 30 Beyond the Ultimate Steroid
Chapter 31 The Sky’s the Limit

The Strength of Samson: How to Attain It