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TRAINING: I began using powdered desiccated Argentine beef liver the last week in May, 2000. Prior to that date I had experienced 9 months of debilitating fatigue. Training was a forced effort. My body never felt recovered. I even took a full month off during that time, and still my muscles felt as if I had run a marathon the day before. I was running slowly, every other day for 40-60 minutes, and that was a maximum effort. I gained about 7 pounds and found my discouragement creeping into other areas of my life.

Two days after starting the desiccated liver I ran a full hour and felt like I was running on air. The very next day I felt the desire to run again-so I did! Again, running a full hour with NO fatigue. I decided to run every day until my legs felt tired. On day 5, running up a big hill, my legs communicated their first hint of fatigue. I could not believe it!!!!!

I had not trained 2 days in a row for 9 months and now-5 days and I basically still felt great! Overall I began to feel a general increase in energy and stamina. I also found that when I overextended myself-my recovery time was more than cut in half.

NOW, every where I go people comment on my muscular development (I do not lift or train with any weights. I have increased muscle mass and decreased fat. I feel like my body is deaging. In the last year I have raced a marathon, a half marathon, numerous short runs, duathalons, a triathalon, an eco-adventure race (team event-lasting over 10 hours), and the list goes on. I have gone skiing, biking, and mountain climbing in the oxygen depleted air of Colorado-with almost no notice of altitude, total recovery from day to day, and I just simply feel awesome!

WORK: I am a massage therapist, specializing in deep tissue and medical massage. Before desiccated liver-my joints ached, often my hands did not recover from day to day (by Friday I was working in pain), and I was trying to figure out how to transition into something less physical as I got "older." To be honest, I was deeply concerned about how I would continue to earn a steady income.

NOW, I can do 6-8 hours of extremely deep tissue work with no joint pain, with total recovery the next day, and I have no worries about the longevity of my active career. Actually, I am now able to work enough hours that I can easily save for my fun, active, retirement (many years from now). Most massage therapists have short-lived careers and very few can work more that 4 hours of hands-on therapy per day. I have now worked full time for almost 8 years.

I have always been a healthy person, but I usually got the typical cold and once in a blue moon that flu would visit for 12-24 hours. Since I began the desiccated liver I have not had a single day of feeling even a slight cold coming on. I never remember making it through a whole winter, but this last winter-not a single runny nose. I have also noticed that I do not have any trouble with allergies any more. Some of my clients have cats and often I would get the runny nose and itchy eyes-no more. My work is a joy-my body feels great-I can work more hours-I have less pain-I recover totally from day to day-I never have a sick day. Being a self-employed individual-trust me-this is a dream come true!

Lauren Rose Laughlin, LMT, MS

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