On the Righteous Man.

1        Blest is the man who has not walked beneath the sinnersí groves
            And not stood on the path of vice, nor sat where scoffers sit;
2        Who in JEHOVAHís Laws delights,
            And seeks His rules by day and night.
3        Like trees beside the flowing stream,
            Which bear their fruit in season due,
            Their leaves fade not, and they succeed,
            In all they undertake to do.
4        Not so the bad, they are like chaff,
            Which winds, will drive away;ó
5        The bad will not attain to rule nor sinners hold the good.
6        For good menís path the LORD prepares,
           but breaks the bad menís road.

From:   The Holy Bible in Modern English translated by Ferrar Fenton


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