Answers to Questions On Our Steam Engines and Dealer Program

Why would I want to write such a large check for such a small engine?

1. The one horsepower steam engine may be small but it is most emphatically not a toy. Features include a roller bearing crankshaft, needle bearings in the cross head, and precision machining.

2. You need the training. We would much rather walk you through a small problem with a small engine than have you hurt yourself with a concept you are unfamiliar with.

You may think you can get how-to books on the subject in the local public college library. That's what we thought, too. Try it. In most libraries the section that is supposed to contain books on steam look like someone went through it with a vacuum cleaner.

For one example of a problem most of us have never thought of, consider a monotube boiler. It won't explode. However, it can spring a leak. If it springs a leak in an enclosed space and you inhale the 300 to 400 degree steam that escapes, your lungs may collapse.

3. You have to see the quality of the workmanship of these engines to appreciate the quality you receive. A machinist who had built a number of these units himself saw the parts we had machined stacked in our shop. When he saw the quality of our machine work, his eyes bugged out.

4. Our current dealer program is simple:

Buy one (1) steam engine for $1,195.00 F.O.B. Springfield, Missouri, assemble it, get it up and running, and provide us with a copy of your retail sales tax license. You then become a dealer.

5. We now have a 3 horsepower two-cylinder steam engine which will require ten days to complete before shipping. The price on this engine is $2,395.00.

Mike Brown Steam Engines

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This page was updated on 7 October 2006