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About Mike Brown
Alternative Energy
Articles on Alternative Energy
Ethanol Nation
Gasoline v. Alcohol
Powering A Steam Engine with a Solar Boiler
Run Your Diesel on Soybean Oil
Sidebar to the Most Suppressed Invention
  – Steam Boats
Steam Power
The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth
The Most Suppressed Invention
The New Fish Carburetor Production
The Perpetually Reoccurring Perpetual Motion Machine
Books on Alternative Energy
 – Alcohol Books
Alcohol Distillers Book
Basics of Steam Engineering
Boilers Operators Training Course
Brown’s Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook
How To Build A Junk Yard Still
–  How To Build A Locomotive-Traction Boiler
How To Build A Remote-Off-Grid Power Generating
How to Build A Vertical Firetube Boiler
Maintenance Manual (for firetube boilers)
Pawnee Steam School Textbook
Steam Engineering Seminar Manual (Boiler Basics)
The Fish Carburetor Book
 – Why You Need Both Books
Fish Carburetor
Health Solutions (some pages under construction)
  Health Solutions Articles & Info
    – 3-Day Diet
    – The Anti-Fatigue Value of Liver
    – Dancing and Bodybuilding
    – Lifting with Mike Brown
    – The Nutritional Value of Liver
    – Proper Training Produces Results
    – Strength Tips from Mike Brown
    – Weekly Health Tips
    – What if you just don’t feel good?
    – What no one bothers to tell you
    – Why you’re not gaining and what to do about it
    – Why you’re not gaining and what to do about it (Part II)
    – Why you’re not gaining: The final piece of the puzzle (Part III)
Health Solutions Beef Products
    – Argentine Beef Adrenal Powder
    – Argentine Beef Liver Powder
    – Argentine Beef Thymus Powder
Health Solutions Books

    – American Women Are Crazy
    – Diagnostic Bodybuilding
    – Good Teeth–Birth to Death
    – Professional Cable Course
    – Rich Tucker’s Biblical Nutrition
    – The Secret of Life:  Electricity, Radiation, and Your Body
    – Sex, Money and Power:  The Bible Shows You How
    – The Strength of Samson: How to Attain It
    – Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People
  Health Solutions Equipment
    – Barrel Grippers
Samson Cable Set
    – Sticking Point Smashers
    – Tapered Wrist Roller
    – Wood Yoga Block
Health Solutions Mushrooms
    – Cordyceps Militaris
    – Cordyceps Mycelia
  Health Solutions Protein
    – Mits Protein
Health Solutions Personal Feedback
    – Argentine Beef Liver and Me
    – Argentine Beef Thymus and Cerasse Tea
    – Email from Renae about her daughter’s allergies and eczema
    – Health FAQ
    – More on Argentine Beef Liver Powder
Health Solutions Tea
    – Asparagus Tea
    – Cerasse Tea
    – Mauby Tea
    – Vein Lite Tea
  Health Solutions Videos on DVD
Bodybuilding the Right Way Seminar
Norman Cantwell Self Defense
 – Ethanol Nation
 – Japanese Zero
Special Steam Package
 – Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in 1999

Steam Engines
 – Baxter Steam Engine
 Mike Brown’s Shop in Missouri
 – Technical Information on 20-Horsepower Piston-Valve Steam Engine
 – Building A Prototype Boiler
Home Scale Steam