Sex, Money and Power: The Bible Shows You How

by Michael H. Brown

Year 2000 Edition

This edition updates the original with new information obtained by the author.

This book is the end result of over thirty years of bible study, observations of biblical principles in action, and more than a few failures experienced by the author.

Michael H. Brown tells you how to read the bible, understand it, and use that information to put your priorities in order and obtain your goals in life.

The author shows you how to use the Bible as Aladdin's Lamp: make three wishes (within reason) before you start reading this book. Within nine months at least one and perhaps two or three of them will be granted.

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What you can find in Sex, Money and Power: The Bible Shows You How

  • Eve was cloned from Adam. (pages 26-27)

  • The garden of Eden was a hollow, artificial planet and is what we now call the planet Venus. (pages 31-32)

  • Before Noah’s Flood there was a source of food, not found on Earth, so that eating meat wasn’t necessary. (pages 2-3)

  • Noah’s Flood took place on Mars. Noah’s ark was an interplanetary aircraft. (pages 32-36)

  • While the Red Sea was parted, the Lord took off the wheels of the Egyptians’ chariots. The vehicle used to do it is described in the Bible. (page 2)

  • Almost half of the Book of Exodus describes how to construct a self-propelled flying vehicle. (pages 40-41 )

  • A Divine Messenger gave Samson’s mother dietary instructions programmed to produce an exceptionally strong baby. (page 43)

  • A huge electrical capacitor (a device for storing electrical energy) is described in the Bible. (pages 23-24)

  • The first chapter of Ezekiel describes some sort of aircraft. (page 20)

  • An aircraft of some sort, sent to destroy Ninevah, gave Jonah radiation sickness. (page 58)

  • There are many examples of electric medicine in the Bible. (pages 36-39)

  • A first century description of some sort of aircraft can be found in the New Testament. (pages 20-21)

  • We live in a society based on lies. Lawyers have made a mess of more than just our legal system. (page 46)

  • The study of medicine is just that: learning how to relieve the symptoms of illness with chemicals supplied by pharmaceutical companies. It is not the study of health. (page 49)

  • A way to immensely improve your health is to eliminate white flour products, white sugar, and soda pop from your diet. (pagea 52-53)

  • Mad cow disease is the result of turning an herbivore into a carnivore. (page 55)


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