The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It

    Table of Contents:

      Foreword  17 Basic Principles
      Chapter 1  What were Samson's Actual Strength Levels?
      Chapter 2  "Eat Not Any Unclean Thing" Judges 13:4
      Chapter 3  The Nazarite Diet
      Chapter 4  Overdosing
      Chapter 5  Losing Weight
      Chapter 6  Fasting
      Chapter 7  Water
      Chapter 8  Herbs
      Chapter 9  Samson's Dianabol
      Chapter 10  The Routes to Muscular Growth
      Chapter 11  Alcohol
      Chapter 12  Giving Your Strength to Women
      Chapter 13  An Easy Way to Bulk Up
      Chapter 14  The Sauna Bath
      Chapter 15  Zone Therapy I
      Chapter 16  Zone Therapy II
      Chapter 17  The Breathing Squat (For Beginners)
      Chapter 18  Training for Incredible Health
      Chapter 19  Cables (Chest Expanders)
      Chapter 20  More on Cables
      Chapter 21  The Feet and the Muscles
      Chapter 22  Forced Reps
      Chapter 23  Gaining Weight
      Chapter 24  Partial Movements and Power Rack Training
      Chapter 25  Grip, Wrist, and Forearm Development
      Chapter 26  The Two Primary Causes of Failure
      Chapter 27  Things Your Trainers Never Told You
      Chapter 28  Bust Development for Women
      Chapter 29  Proper Bench Press Technique
      Chapter 30  Beyond the Ultimate Steroid
      Chapter 31  The Sky's the Limit

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