Our Special Steam Package includes:

  • Home Scale Steam DVD
    • A one-hour video with steam basics and how to lay out a complete home steam plant. You must recirculate the water you use for steam or you will waste both water and energy.
  • Building A Prototype Boiler DVD
    • A one-hour video illustrating the basics of building a 2-horsepower, monotube boiler. It isn’t that complicated. Parts list included.
  • Basics of Steam Engineering Book
    • Include steam essentials, steam engines (turbine and piston), how a D-valve system works (it has no springs), the different types of steam boilers (the firetube boilers you see at steam shows have been obsolete for a hundred years), and more.
  • Steam Engine Prints
    • Blueprints of our 1 horsepower steam engine have been redrawn so those who want to build their own engine may do so. Details for our two cylinder 3 horsepower steam engine are included using the same components. Done in 11″ x 17″ format for easy handling. These prints will illustrate as nothing else can, why it takes so much time to produce our engine. You will also be able to see why there were only 2,000 steam engines in the entire United States by the year 1860. Even with modern CNC equipment, these are not simple units to build. A hobbyist may take months to build one.