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Here is an example of some of the email I receive and my reply. Luckily, I don't get many like this.  I haven't got a response from Mr. Vandelay yet.   What I suspect is that, for Mr. Vandelay, the idea of someone else actually being in production with actual steam engines (we ship them all over the world) is more than he can handle.  I never said I was a guru and supplying information (which cannot be found in a library) requires time, work and expenses---Mike
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Subject:     Steam Engine
Date:     Tue, 7 Apr 2009 00:12:32 -0400
From:     J S <[email protected]>
To:     [email protected] 

You've got some ******* nerve posting this arrogant pompous **** on your website. You're obviously just a ******* hack or you would be marketing REAL products not scamming people into paying 90$ for ******* information. Get a ******* patent and a real product before you propose to be the guru on steam power, *******!
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J S,  Did you actually buy the steam package from us (it's free with an engine purchase) or are you just having a bad day?  A real name (as opposed to an email address) would be helpful.  And what relevance is a patent for technology that has been in use for centuries?

Best wishes, Mike Brown

Solar powered steam engines

About twice a week someone tells us they're going to build a solar boiler and run a steam engine on sunlight and water. We wish them luck. The smallest steam engine we make requires 3 to 5 gallons of water per hour, turned into steam at a minimum temperature of 300° F. The average 10-foot diameter solar collector is good for turning about a cup of water to steam in his fashion every hour. I.e., you might get the job done with somewhere between 48 and 80 solar collectors.

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