My Own Experience with Thymus Powder - Mike Brown

On a Monday morning I mixed some of my thymus powder with my desiccated liver—not much, only a teaspoon or so with two tablespoons of desiccated liver.

That afternoon I jogged around the half-mile track at the local YMCA on the south end of Springfield. Usually I run out of wind after about half a mile (one around the track).

That Monday I went around the track once, then twice. I wasn’t even breathing hard. Halfway around the third lap, I began to get worried. I could have kept going but I was concerned that if I kept running, the lactic acid buildup in my legs would become so severe, I wouldn’t be able to walk the next morning.

I was right.

After going around the track two-and-a-half times more than normal, my legs were definitely sore the next morning. Had I been willing to "pay the price" the next day, I suspect I could have gone around five times.

A few days later I tried the thymus by itself with no improvement, no difference, nothing.

Apparently, the thymus powder acts as a "booster" or a catalyst for the liver powder.

How it works is anyone’s guess. No one seems to know exactly how the thymus gland itself works or what it does.

As a side note, a lady came up from Texas to visit me (I hadn’t seen her for several months) and told me I looked ten years younger than the last time she had seen me. The only addition to my diet in those months was the thymus powder.

Lauren Laughlin, our massage therapist/marathon runner has been trying the thymus powder too. Both she and her hairdresser noticed that her hair was growing faster and thicker since she had started taking it.

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Powdered desiccated Argentine beef liver has done miracles for Lauren Laughlin,
a licensed massage therapist in Missouri. Read her story, Desiccated Liver & Me


This page was updated 7 October 2006