We are now offering our own line of water tube boilers. A water tube bouler has to be watched more closely than a vertical firetube boiler but it gets up a head of steam much more quickly and, in many states, is not considered a pressure vessel.

Photos show the complete water tube boiler with coils and internal parts in the foreground, top view is of grate for solid fuel. The boiler in the photos was designed for our 3 hp steam engine but will produce as much as 7 hp. I.e., you could "gang run" three of them for out 20 hp steam engine if you needed to.

7 hp water tube boiler (accessories not included) $2,800.00 plus shipping and crating.

20 hp water tube boiler (custom made, please allow 3 months for delivery) $5,600.00 plus shipping and crating.

If you do not know the difference between a firetube and a water tube boiler, please do not call or email us to ask. The differences are explained in Skip Goebel's "Basics of Steam Engineering." Accessories are explained in the "Pawnee Steam School Manual."

7-Horsepower Flash Boilers for our 3-Horsepower Steam Engine Available

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All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

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For Steam Boiler Accessories check out Ernst Flow Industries

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