Who is Mike Brown?

Mike Brown

Mike Brown was born in Montgomery, Alabama nine months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. His mother, Dorothy S. Brown had watched the Japanese planes fly over her home when it happened. His parents divorced sometime after his sister, Lani, was born. The family moved to various places while his mother worked towards obtaining a Ph.D. in English.

Mike got to be too much to handle for his mother when he was sixteen. She sent him to Arkansas where her father had a horse farm. Mike set up his room in an old turkey brooder house and his facilities consisted of an outhouse.

In Arkansas the farm kids didn't master the written language very well. Most of them paid Mike to write their senior theme papers. The teacher thought he had written at least five of them and she asked him point blank how many had he had written. He told her twenty-eight.

Arkansas in the early sixties was no place for a high school graduate to make a decent living so Mike joined the Army. He served from 1960-1964 in the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Airborne divisions. His experiences in the service taught him the reality of being a soldier and gave him an understanding of how military operations work which cannot be found by just reading a book on the subject.

In 1967 Mike married Lani Maisterra. Together they have had nine children and now six grandchildren.

Mike has written quite a few articles and books in the last twenty-six years. Here is a partial list of them:

Alternative Energy Articles by Mike Brown:

The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth

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Alternative Energy Books by Michael H. Brown:

Brown's Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook

How To Build a Junkyard Still

Brown's Second Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook

The Fish Carburetor Book



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